June 23, 2003

Syndirella update

(This is a re-post of a message to the Syndirella yahoo group, stating my point of view on the future of Syndirella.)

As a matter of fact, since June 16th, I work for IntelliJ Labs. The work I'm doing there (basically, UI development in C#) is very much similar to the work I was doing on Syndirella. Moreover, the product we're working on will include RSS reading functionality, and most likely I'll be the one responsible for designing and implementing it.

Thus, it is almost certain that I'll never even look at the Syndirella code anymore. One reason for that is IP/licensing - we want to be sure that our product is not a derivative work of Syndirella, and so I want to "forget" the Syndirella code as much as possible. And even if it were possible to settle the licensing issues (I could re-license my own Syndirella code to my employer under the conditions that I'd like to, and we could come to some agreement with other contributors), it is simply not interesting for me to do something at work and to do very similar things at home on my own time.

However, Syndirella is a GPLed project, and I want it to live. Thus, I'd be happy if the official development branch was moved to SourceForge. As soon as the new Syndirella homepage is created (and the www.syndirella.net domain is redirected to it), I'll give a pointer to that from the page at yole.ru and from my weblog. My main requirement for future Syndirella development is that yole@yole.ru should NOT be listed as the main contact address for it, and that exception reports should NOT be sent to that e-mail.

Another problem is that Syndirella uses the UtilityLibrary control library, which is not open-source. I do have the source code to it, but I don't have the permission to redistribute it. This library has been a source of many problems to me, so it would be best to create an open-source replacement for that.

Posted by yole at June 23, 2003 11:17 PM | TrackBack

Happy about you new job but sad about Syndirella.
There have been enhancements to it already.
What is needed is getting the people who are working on it together.

groovymother Toast Mod

groovymother reorder mod

Both of these were built on a different Syndirella Mod by Simon Fell

There are probably more forked versions around. Anyone know of any others?

Posted by: L Rutker on June 24, 2003 10:56 PM

What's the official next version?
Who's blog should we be reading?
Where do we go to work on Syndirella?

Posted by: LionKimbro on August 4, 2003 12:26 AM
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