April 13, 2003


  • The code to detect the web feed encoding from the HTTP headers was totally bogus. Now Syndirella looks at the correct HTTP header field, so this should remove the need to have a manual encoding selector.
  • The direction of the sort arrow in the "Date" column is now correct.
  • Exceptions when writing HTML to the IE control are now handled, and should not cause Syndirella to crash.
  • Reduced flicker when switching between feeds.
  • Items in Web feeds were not properly sorted by date.

Download binaries, sources or installer.

Posted by yole at April 13, 2003 01:05 AM | TrackBack

Dmitry, I did some work to enable people to plug-in weblog tools into Syndirella (and other .NET based aggregators). There's a version based on this code base at
and pointers to more info about BlogThis at

It'd be great to get the plug-in support into the main code base (you can get diffs from the download, i can send you diffs, etc, whatever is easiest)

Posted by: Simon Fell on April 20, 2003 09:38 PM

Im not sure how to post a bug report. I have no access to the yahoo groups due to them being blocked by my proxy. so here goes.
I am accessing slashdot.org as a web feed instead of rss due to the fact that the format looks nicer and I get slightly more detail this way. The only problem is that for slashdot.org the slashdot name on the left is in blue as well as all the articles in the top pane for slashdot are in blue
Here are the settings I am using:
Title starts with : WIDTH="13" HEIGHT="16" ALT="" ALIGN="TOP">
and ends with:

Description starts with:
and ends with:

PS: CTRL-A or tripple clicking do not highlite the full field in the above fields

PPS how can I export my web feed settings? RSS settings are easy but seemingly there is no way to do this for web feeds

Posted by: L Rutker on April 25, 2003 06:23 PM

BTW I am using Syndirella-20030413.exe build

Posted by: L Rutker on April 25, 2003 06:25 PM

1) Due to the way Syndirela creates web feeds, pages in forign languages do not show up. It would be fixed if there was a way to specify the html code used to wrap the scraped html snippet. Now Synderella just appends (or whtever fonts you have set up) to the scraped HTML.

2) In many pages patterns match many parts of the page that are of no interest. It would be nice to have the ability of specifying a start and end position in the page that interested the user. The parser would only parse that portion of the site. This would allow the ability to scrape part of a page that had the latest headlines and not the section of older news.

Posted by: L rutker on May 5, 2003 08:45 PM
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