March 09, 2003

Policy for answering bug reports

Looks like my initial policy for answering bugreports - "as soon as a new build is released, go through the entire archive of unanswered e-mails, find the ones that reported bugs fixed in the new build, answer and tell them where to download the new build" - has failed miserably, which should be quite expected. The result of this is a pile of more than 200 unanswered Syndirella-related messages, some of them dating back to January, received immediately after 0.9 was released.

So now I'll finally try to do the right thing: add _all_ bug reports (including the ones I can't confirm or reproduce) to the tracker, reply immediately to bug reports and specify the tracker URLs where the bugs have been recorded, and specify the IDs of fixed bugs in the new release announcements. It may be a little bit less user-friendly, but while an answer "recorded to the tracker, ID nnn" is worse than an answer "fixed in build 2003mmdd", it's still better than no answer at all.

Trivial matters, right - but I'm learning the hard way. :-)

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