March 04, 2003


First, I'm really sorry for the network outage which caused to become unaccessible and the mail to to bounce for almost two full days. When I saw the problems, I immediately blamed the ISP and waited for them to fix the problem, and didn't really try to resolve anything myself - but of course, my network is configured correctly, there can't be any problems at my end! But it looks like that I could have fixed the problem simply by rebooting my PC.

So if you have written anything to me in the past days and got a bounce, please re-send your mail.

I'm actually searching for a paid hosting provider now, so I hope that all the outage problems will not repeat anymore. The main issue is CVS hosting - it always needs to be discussed separately, and not everyone can provide such a service. And I don't want to use the free hosting at SourceForge and similar sites. There are several reasons for that - SourceForge's occasional downtime, desire to control the repository myself, and the need to host some other projects that cannot really be called "open-source software", and thus shouldn't reside on SF.

Besides the network problems, the past week has been pretty busy for me. My birthday, its celebration with my friends from real life and from LiveJournal, my new bass guitar (it's actually sunburst colored, not black), Space Rangers (an excellent new game by a Russian company - a mix of Elite, Master of Orion and Star Control 2), a brief cold... well, you get the idea. I'll be getting back on track now.

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If you want the full blown deal, check out the John Companies ( They offer what amounts to your own server for $45 per month to open source software authors.

Posted by: Rafe on March 4, 2003 04:00 AM

Rafe: Thanks for the tip, but my budget for the hosting is more like $10-15 per month. And it looks that it will be possible to get what I need for that price.

Posted by: Dmitry Jemerov on March 4, 2003 09:40 AM
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