February 17, 2003

Textile Test

I have just upgraded to MovableType 2.6, and installed Brad Choate's MTTextile plugin. This is a test of the Textile formatting.

  • I love bulleted lists. I hate entering HTML by hand.
  • WYSIWYG would be even better, but Textile is better than raw HTML.
  • I wonder if tools like w.bloggar could support it.
Posted by yole at February 17, 2003 12:34 AM | TrackBack

Are we synchronous? :-)

But, AFAIK, MT-Textile use perverted Wiki-formatting. Why there are no RFC for such formatting rules? :(

Posted by: Kukutz on February 17, 2003 01:25 AM

Is diveintomark.org being parsed correctly by the latest synderella relase?

Posted by: ssn on February 17, 2003 03:44 PM
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