February 09, 2003


  • The changes to the locking code introduced in the previous build were incorrect, causing people to have deadlocks and other problems. These problems are now corrected.
  • Syndirella automatically backs up its data file, and automatically loads the backup if loading of the latest version failed. Also, when saving data, it saves to a temporary location first, and replaces the real file with saved data only after the save has been successfully completed. This greatly reduces the probability of losing all the Syndirella subscription data in case of a crash.
  • Removed the "unsupported version" checks from the data loading code. Now it should be safer to move from a newer build of Syndirella to an older one.
  • Proxy authentication support. You can enter the proxy username and password in the Syndirella preferences dialog. Note: the password is stored in the settings file as plain-text, with no encryption.
  • The handling of the isPermaLink attribute of the <guid> element was totally broken.
  • Integrated rODBegbie's patch for changing the tray icon tooltip text.
  • Added a menu command to mark all items in all feeds as read.

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Posted by yole at February 9, 2003 12:55 AM | TrackBack

I can no longer launch Syndirella. When I launch it, my CPU churns for a little while and then Syndirella freezes. I tried older versions as well, same problem.

How can I reset Syndirella's list of feeds? I suspect one of them is causing this to happen, so I'd like to restart from scratch and re-import my feeds.

I tried to use the installer for the latest version (20030209) but it still remembers my feeds. Are these stored in the registry?

Posted by: Cedric on February 10, 2003 04:42 PM

It would be great to add possibility to group feeds in directories something like Groups of Contacts in ICQ. I dont think that it is hard to implement ;-)

Posted by: Bishop on February 11, 2003 04:14 AM

Has exactly the same problem as Cedric described. I launch Syndirella, hard drive works a little bit and then Syndirella process remains in memory, but doesn't show any GUI (not even tray icon). Tried to re-install latest version, but it doesn't help. It's weird since I already made a lot of subscriptions and have used Syndirella on daily basis. Is it possible to fix this?

Posted by: Xenocid on February 15, 2003 01:43 PM
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