February 01, 2003

Archive navigation

Dorothea complains that no one likes her style of archive navigation.

Well, in my opinion, weekly archives are the most convenient reading form for weblogs that do not provide full post texts in their RSS feeds. I read Dorothea's feed from Syndirella, and it is very easy for me to click the link on the first unread post, read all the new posts on a single page, then return to Syndirella and hit Ctrl-M to mark the feed as read. It is made even better by the fact that the archive page lists the newest entries in the bottom, so I can use the natural top-to-bottom reading rather than the ugly back-and-forth scrolling required for reading the front pages of weblogs. If every post was on a separate archive page, it would involve far more clicking for me to read all her latest posts.

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