February 01, 2003


An important achievent today: My.Yandex, the only RSS syndication service in the Russian Internet that I'm aware of (maybe the only one that exists), now exports its list of feeds in the OPML format. This is especially exciting because this finally makes Syndirella useful for Russian users - most of the sites which have the feeds do not advertise them in any way at all, and I myself was not aware that so many sites actually have feeds.

Of course, quite a lot of RSS advocacy in Russia still needs to be done - writing and publishing articles, pushing webmasters to fix their broken feeds, to add autodiscovery support, to add feeds for sites which don't yet have any... However, we do have a base to work from now.

So tomorrow I'll implement my part of the agreement with Yandex - support for importing OPML files from HTTP sites, with the possibility to preview the feeds and select the ones that should be imported. This will, of course, open the doors to other major RSS feed directories like MoreOver and NewsIsFree.

So, a lot of exciting stuff coming soon. And now - sleep! :-) And quite a large backlog of e-mail to answer tomorrow.

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