January 30, 2003


The main thing that has been keeping me busy in the last two days is my semi-freelance job. I have created an application for sending GSM mobile phone logos and ringtones through SMS messages, and the service based on that application has been operating for almost a month now. However, we still have problems with one of the three SMS message formats we support: namely, EMS messages. The problem is that multi-part ringtones and logos are not concatenated correctly.

The worst thing about this work is that it's very hard to debug problems. If you send something incorrectly, the phone produces some wrong result (silence, or, as in my case, playing the first fragment of the melody twice and not playing the other fragments). But it is impossible to get the diagnostics on what exactly you got wrong and where. Thus, the only thing that remains for me to do is to re-read the spec, change something and retry. Repeat ad nauseam.

And as it usually happens - all these things worked some time, but then we moved to a different SMS center, and everything broke down.

And another thing is that there are already several companies providing this service, but as far as I understand, none of them support sending EMS messages. Mostly, they support only the Nokia and Siemens formats, which work fine in our software as well.

So I have an excuse for not producing any Syndirella builds. :-)

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I'm looking for information regarding the RingTone format. I've read the sms3_0_0.pdf specification but the Ring Tone does not work.
żDo you any related information?
Best regards,

Posted by: Martin Ramirez on October 1, 2003 10:56 PM
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