January 22, 2003


Looks like home.yole.ru was offline for an hour or two today - I ran out of traffic and didn't notice it in time. Now everything should be alright again.

I really envy American broadband users, who have unlimited traffic for a flat monthly fee of $40-50. I do have a broadband connection with a static IP at home, basically a 100Mbit fiber-optic line to my apartment and an external channel of about 40 Mbits (shared by all users of the provider). But I have to pay for incoming traffic to my machine - and the price is about 8-10 cents per megabyte. Thus, it happens quite often that I spend $80-100 per month for my Internet connection.

And even that is not available everywhere in St.Petersburg. There are several small broadband networks covering specific regions of the city, and the people living outside these regions have to choose between modem connections (about $0.5-0.7 per hour) or expensive ADSL ($100/month for a decent quality connection - 128/64K - with an $200 installation fee).

The site www.yole.ru is hosted at a different machine, but I basically have no admin rights there, so I cannot install there the software I need (MovableType, CVS, Roundup and so on).

Posted by yole at January 22, 2003 08:15 PM | TrackBack

Why don't you use Sourceforge? CVS, track, mysQL, Web, mirrors, Perl, PHP, mod_rewrite, ssh... virtual hosts...

Posted by: Jhom on January 23, 2003 05:19 AM

Why don't you host your site with a Web Hosting company? I use and work for Fatcow.com. I am sure there are better host but for $99 a year for 100megs of disk space, and 5gigs of transfer a month it works fine, and handles Movable Type fine as I have been using it for several months now. Just a thought :)

Posted by: Joey on January 23, 2003 10:01 PM
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