January 14, 2003

Almost there

So, I hope that the latest build of Syndirella will be the last one before the final 0.9 release. The code is feature complete. Things that still remain to be done are settling out some license considerations, creating the project page for Syndirella at yole.ru and, of course, more testing.

There's been quite a few changes in this version. Here's a list:

  • Upgraded to XML-RPC.NET 0.7, which incorporates one bugfix done by me personally.

  • Added settings for the number of old items to be stored in each feed. The limit can be set either by the count of items or by the number of days for which items are stored. (This was the Last Major Feature holding the release of 0.9).

  • Added an about box with homepage links and a list of credits.

  • If adding an RSS feed fails, Syndirella automatically prompts you to create a Web feed for the same site.

  • The Preview button in the Add Web feed dialog has been improved. Now, if the source has not yet been downloaded, it downloads it automatically and shows the preview after the download is complete.

  • The URL field in the add feed dialogs is initialized with the URL of the page currently viewed in the Syndirella browser.

  • The View Source menu item has been moved to the View menu, as I've been constantly expecting to find it there.

  • Fixed a major handle leak related to tray icon bitmaps, causing Syndirella to die if left unattended for a while when there are some updated items.

  • Various fixes related to handling of updated items.

  • Fixed the RSS parser to do proper namespace handling. It now passes all the tests from the test suite of Mark Pilgrim's ultra-liberal RSS parser. Previously, it failed the tests which had local name clashes.

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