January 13, 2003


The lack of updates in this weblog during the last couple of days has been caused by several reasons, but the main of them is that I've spent quite a lot of effort redesigning my main website, yole.ru. Previously, it was quite an ugly mess of PHP code and Apache .htaccess files, using frames and tables for layout, and was somewhat painful to maintain. The new layout is done the Right Way. All pages are marked XHTML 1.0 Strict, and all layout is done using CSS Level 2. (Frankly speaking, not all of the pages currently validate, but I'm going to fix that over the next couple of days.) Besides that, I've been trying to follow the guidelines in Mark Pilgrim's excellent Dive into Accessibility book. I do not care so much about people with disabilities, but I care much more about things which affect normal users, and generally about doing things the Right Way.

One thing not done quite right is that I still use absolute font sizes. I'd like to do a more flexible layout, and to specify the width of the sidebar in em units, but that makes it much harder to do a pixel-perfect layout of my drop shadow border between the sidebar and the content part.

Another thing that I'd like to fix sometime is search. Since my site doesn't use a database, and its internal structure is still quite irregular, implementing search is not trivial, and will require some work. Using Google is always an easy way out, but the Google gap makes such a search much less useful - Google doesn't index my site too often.

I really wanted to do the markover before the initial public release of Syndirella, because I expect to get at least some attention from the blogosphere, and I would just feel ashamed to point my users to a website using frames and other nasty things. The new layout is much better, and doesn't have a reason to be ashamed of it. :-)

In the meantime, I've also been doing some work on Syndirella, bringing it even closer to 0.9. It is not yet done, but really close - probably one build away. I'll probably post the build tomorrow morning, and release 0.9 early next week.

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