January 04, 2003


Having successfully recovered from the New Year celebration, yesterday I spent a good deal of time working on Syndirella. The release of 0.9 is even closer now - the new build adds support for automatically updating RSS and Web feeds.

Besides that, the following changes have been made:

  • Added an URL combo box which displays the current address when following links from feed entries and allows to view arbitrary Web pages in Syndirella. The functionality of the URL combo is not yet complete; probably some more changes are forthcoming.

  • The tray icon is visible always when Syndirella is running, not only when it is minimized;

  • Syndirella now explicitly remembers the last selected item for each feed. This fixes a couple of problems which occurred because of the old logic to automatically select the last unread item when a feed is selected.

  • Some fixes to the "Add Web feed" dialog;

  • New menu item "Import Web feed settings", allowing to import the settings in one step, without manually opening the "Add Web feed" dialog;

  • Improvements in the heuristics to auto-detect updated items for blogs which do not have GUIDs. The previous version, for example, considered all entries on Scripting News (which do not have titles nor links) as updates of the same single entry. The current version shows all entries correctly.

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