December 30, 2002


Two main changes in the today's build, both long-awaited. The first one is custom serialization: you will no longer lose all your saved data when you install a new Syndirella build in which I decided to add a new persistent field to some class. To make it precise, you will lose your data one last time when you install the today's build, but after that, all versions will be able to load the data saved by any previous version.

The second one is the support for updated items. Previously, if a blog didn't have item GUIDs, any changes in the item title or description caused Syndirella to show a new item in the item list. Now, if one of the news item fields (item, link, description) changes and the other two remain the same, Syndirella considers the item updated and highlights it with light blue. (For blogs that have GUIDs, any changes in an item with the same GUID cause it to be shown as updated.) If a feed has updated items but no unread items, it is also highlighted with light blue. Updated items are also supported for scraped feeds.

And the best thing is that the release of the initial public version is so very close now... There are only two must-have features remaining that need to be implemented before the release: automatically updating feeds and a limit on the maximum number of news items stored for each feed (by date or by count). When these are done, I'll release version 0.9 and try to spread the word of it all over the blogosphere. Hopefully I'll get at least some feedback; that will make the base of a stable 1.0 release, with no major new features.

Posted by yole at December 30, 2002 10:23 AM
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