December 21, 2002

A whole day of hacking

Phew... I need to stop working on Syndirella for today, or the change list will get totally out of hand. :-)

So, the news for today are:

  • Toolbar in the main window, with buttons for the most common actions.

  • The keyboard shortcuts are now the way I originally wanted them to be. Space moves to the next unread item, Backspace goes back, Alt-Ins inserts a Web feed.

  • Collapsible splitters. Now it is possible to hide the feed list and item list, and these lists are hidden automatically when you jump to an external location from the news item text.

  • HTTP requests produced by Syndirella now have a correct User-Agent.

  • The preview list has been moved from the "Add Web feed" dialog to a separate dialog, to reduce clutter.

  • It is now possible to extract item dates from Web feeds. The feature is still incomplete: for example, if the dates use text names of months, only English names will be understood. In the future, it will be possible to select the language for date parsing. Also I'm planning to add support for sites which do not specify the full date and time for each item, but instead have a sequence of day sections and specify only the time for individual items.

  • Feed Properties dialog. For RSS feeds, this allows to rename the feed after it was created. It is also possible to see the feed description and to e-mail the feed editor (if the e-mail address is specified in the feed). For Web feeds, all feed settings except for the page URL can be edited. If you want to change the URL of an RSS or Web feed, delete the feed and create a new one with the changed location.

  • Syndirella now remembers which feed you had selected after you exit it and start it again.

  • Local links correction. If a feed contains relative hyperlinks or links to images, Syndirella now transforms them to absolute links, so that they will be processed correctly when displayed in the aggregator window.

  • The title of the Syndirella window now shows the name of the current feed or the title of an external page currently being viewed.

  • "Update current feed" (Ctrl-F5) now ignores the remembered ETag value and always retrieves the document from the server.

  • Assorted fixes and improvements in the UI and RSS parsing code.

The new build can be downloaded here.

Posted by yole at December 21, 2002 11:04 PM
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