December 08, 2002

Outlook 11

Outlook 11 (via

The innovations in the UI look very interesting indeed. I'm currently using The Bat!, which is an excellent mail client with a lot of features for power users (although with no support for HTML email editing). The main thing I hate about the current Outlook versions is the way it does quoting when replying to emails. I have a long-time FidoNet background, and I'm used to quoting with proper initials of the person you're replying to, word wrapping and replying. The Bat! gets this perfectly right. Outlook fails miserably - it can be made to stick a ">" character before each line of the message you're replying to, but no more than that. And I wasn't able to find a single add-in to implement proper quoting in Outlook.

However, Outlook 11 does implement a feature that I have long wanted to see, and that is not present in The Bat! - namely, search folders. The possibility to see the same message in multiple folders (selected by project, followup status and so on) will make it much easier to organize emails properly, especially in the cases when one email contains parts of threads related to different projects.

The way Outlook displays messages is also quite nice, although I have yet to see how it will scale to reading several large-traffic mailing lists in the same time.

Posted by yole at December 8, 2002 11:33 PM

Must say I love the app, much much better than feedreader.
The comment link you have is not working example for this one it links to "http://%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20".

By the way you should add a comments link in the entry just as the link to the permalink. That would be neat.

One thing that should be added to the rss spec is a way that you can write how many comments there are on a entry, but thats not you thing :-)

Posted by: Mattias on January 26, 2003 01:53 PM
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