December 06, 2002

Initial Syndirella feedback

Some notes from the review of Syndirella by a friend of mine:

  • It turns out that Microsoft.mshtml.dll required by Syndirella is not included in the .NET Framework redistributable. Since it's a 7M DLL, adding it to Syndirella causes quite a lot of bloat. I'll need either to generate it dynamically from the type library of mshtml.dll or build a stripped-down version containing only the interfaces that I use.

  • Feed URLs require the http:// prefix. Should not be needed.

  • Web scraping assumes that the site uses the UTF-8 codepage. Proper codepage processing is required.

  • Feed names in the feed list do not fill the entire list width.

  • Looks like the "(updating)" indicator in the feed list is never removed after the update is done.

Posted by yole at December 6, 2002 01:00 PM
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