December 05, 2002

New Syndirella features

Features implemented this evening:

  • Main menu. Features currently accessible from buttons in the main window will be moved there. (A toolbar for common operations will probably be created later.)
  • Basic support for OPML import (tested only with Radio and Aggie for now). Both Radio and Amphetadesk formats should be supported.
  • Menu item to open the home page of a feed in a new window.
  • Menu item to mark all the news items in the current feed as read.
  • Menu item to remove the subscription to a feed.
  • Fixed an RSS parsing problem where the title of the <textinput> element was shown as the title of the feed itself.
  • Links of RSS items are now shown in the HTML view below the description/content part.

To give credit where credit is due: The OPML import code is based on the code from Aggie by Joe Gregorio, which also contains a fine description of differences between the Radio and Amphetadesk varieties of OPML. Posted by yole at December 5, 2002 12:49 AM

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